Grand Central Kitchen
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Grand Central Kitchen is a small kitchen with a team of dedicated chefs producing hand-crafted meals, salads and deli items. We are stocked in selected New World supermarkets and all Farro Fresh.

“Slow food for fast lives” is our motto – we take the time and care in preparing our meals the traditional way that busy people no longer have the time to do themselves. We offer the benefits of natural Slow Food without the hassle of preparing it yourself.

All our food is natural and fresh – we do not add any artificial preservatives or additives to our food. We rely on our scrupulous cleanliness standards, rapid chilling, vacuum packing and the use of natural preservatives such as vinegars and lemon juice to keep our products fresh.

we have a variety of meal solutions including grab and go meals and salads, café or deli products, bulk meals ready to heat and serve and bulk salads.
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