Grand Central Kitchen

Dear customer:
We would like to explain to you what we are doing to make sure our customers and our employees stay safe during this difficult period.
Numerous authorities have stated that there is no evidence of transmission of the novel coronavirus through food. However, we would like to work above the suggested standard to make sure we bring you the best products. We have updated our procedures and put strict measures in place to keep our food & our community safe.
·      All our staff have a routine test every morning and afternoon. Records kept at premises;
·      Staff will only travel between work and home;
·      Sanitiser has been kept at the entrance to be used by employees entering & exiting the kitchen;
·      Trainings on how the coronavirus is being spread and how to protect themselves from it;
·      Strict cleaning procedures to clean our equipment daily to make sure standards are kept high;
·      Masks and latex gloves are being kept on employees at all times during production;
·      Delivery vehicles are being sanitised before all deliveries;
·      All boxes are sanitised before loaded onto the delivery vehicle.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any information you require or if there is anything we can do to support you. We believe by working together, we will navigate through this challenging time. Please accept our best wishes to you and your loved ones, stay safe and healthy.


Steven Lin, Director
Ace Food Limited T/A Grand Central Kitchen